About Linda

The artistic life of Linda Berger began in a village incongruously placed in the center of the urban landscape with open spacious lawns and trees. This environment was a wellspring for the budding artist, a place to explore the depths of solitude, the heights of imagination, the limits of physical strength and the province of creativity.

I had to find some special occupation, some kind of work that would not force me to turn away from the sky and the stars that would allow me to discover the meaning of life. –Marc Chagall

The milestone was during high school when she received numerous awards. She attended Temple University's Tyler School of Art and spent a year abroad in Rome, Italy. It was in Rome that her interest in historic building conservation was born. After earning her B.F.A., she returned to Tyler to create a photography and graphic design portfolio. She freelanced as a graphic designer, muralist /faux finishes, and earned her living primarily in painting and historical restoration/renovation. For over 10 years, Linda has supported her art as a Building Supervisor for a historical garden complex. She received a Certificate in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Her flexibility in any medium, be it photography, crafts, painting, sculptures, and mixed media drawings, shows her natural curiosity not only with these materials, but in her ability to incorporate her environment in a unique, stylized expression.” -Mt. Airy Express
Linda D. Berger
Artist Statement
My creative process is to flexibly and openly respond to diverse mediums to accomplish a unique visual language. Utilizing many tools to express an idea, my lifelong process has been to integrate my experiences of the built environment, nature, and personal relationships into autobiographical stories. The surprising element of fantasy and imagination in my wooden totems and paintings reflect themes of living, dying, birth, love, angels, warriors, priestesses, and spirits. Fantasy, humor, and imagination enhance my spiritual connection and symbolically coalesce into silent soulful communication.
My photography is an avenue of expression apart from sculpture and painting because light, color, composition and texture can be captured almost immediately. I choose subject matter that evokes the ancient values of seeing forms emerge from darkness into light whether enclosed or vast spaces. All images are a discovery.
“Berger’s whimsical painted wood constructions of figures and masks are an expression of contemporary primitivism, borrowing traditional native and tribal concepts while simultaneously bringing forth cubist and post-modern influences. Conceptually intriguing, her work remains enchanting and lighthearted, reminding us that while symbols may have serious intent, the joy and celebration of our very humanness are just cause for enjoying life.” Langman Gallery, Emerging Talent ’90.